Bucket List

  1. swim with wild turtles
  2. get a moo moo
  3. get matching tattoos
  4. use a scooter for transport
  5. go on an unplanned, spur of the moment, holiday
  6. take a ride in a hot air balloon
  7. snorkel in crystal clear waters
  8. ride in a helicopter
  9. take a cooking class
  10. learn another language
  11. have a picnic
  12. help someone in becoming plant based
  13. find the perfect pair of overalls
  14. have a small, cozy apartment if I can’t own a house right away
  15. host an all vegan dinner
  16. make a time capsule
  17. go zip-lining
  18. go jet skiing
  19. make a positive difference in this world before I leave
  20. get lost in bali, england, brazil, italy, france, norway, australia, bahamas, barbados, belgium, belize, canada, caymen islands, costa rica, ivory coast, denmark, egypt, falkland islands, fiji, finland, germany (now my home, WOAH), greece, greenland, iceland, jamaica, madagascar, mexico, monaco, morocco, netherlands, poland, puerto rico, south africa, sweden, switzerland, virgin islands, maldives, ibiza, tahiti, argentina, azore islands, new caledonia, japan, thailand, malaysia, buenes aires